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November 13, 2017



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With November just around the corner, a number of things have become very clear to me as of late:

-          Even though the trees don’t appear to have that may leaves, they seem to grow and multiply by the time they hit the ground making raking a losing battle.

-          I should keep a hat in the car.  (This only occurred to me after I was on a roof this morning for an hour.)

-          It gets dark early.  Make sure you are using extra caution when driving and keep kids safe during Halloween

Now these things may seem obvious, but they always seem to catch me off guard every year.

A big thanks to Vortex Optics and to Matt Heil for helping to set this up. It went really well and I appreciate everyone making the drive to see HVAC in action. I want to highlight the student attendance as well as we had quite a few make the trip from Madison and Platteville.  Thanks to Mike Cheadle and Kurt Rolle for supporting ASHRAE and continuing to introduce young minds to our field.

If you weren’t able to make it to the meeting, be sure to check out the pictures that are on the home page.  While you are there, take a minute to log in to the Madison ASHRAE and look around as there are old presentations and additional info that you may not be aware of.  Mark Miller has done a great job keeping everything looking good.

In addition to reaching out to college students, please consider speaking or presenting at a K-12 school as well. We have a lot of resources in the region and a great local expert in Jim Kraus. We also have STEM kits available that provide experiments and instructions to provide entertaining science.  I have done this a number of times in the past and it is well worth the time investment

Cameron Klein continues to set up a great slate of event for the year; look for details in the newsletter.

Greg Froehle
Madison ASHRAE Chapter President 2017-2018

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