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April 9th, 2018






Doesn’t have the same ring to it that it used to…  The only difference that I noticed was that it was slightly quieter around campus.  It might have more of an impact if I shouted, END OF THE FISCAL QUARTER!  Either way, both mark an opportunity to recognize the change in seasons and take a brief breather before diving back into work. Sometimes we need to force a minor break ourselves since HVAC never shuts down and the work seems to never stop. 

Tom Peterson gave two excellent presentations on Psychometrics and dehumidification.  We had 14 students attend with quite a few making the trip from Platteville.  I think it is great to see this kind engagement with the students and I encourage everyone with students in their office to promote the benefits of ASHRAE and the free food as well.

Don’t forget, the ASHRAE Webcast is coming up on April 19th and the Madison Chapter is hosting a showing of this on campus.  I know it is easy to think that you will just watch it at your desk, but we all know that you will only get 10% out of it versus setting aside time to fully engage.  Additionally, food will be provided.

The ASHRAE Regional CRC is coming up (May 3, 4, 5).  Hopefully you are all noticing my repetition in promoting this.  It is important.  This is our opportunity for our chapter to be heard.  Since ASHRAE is a grassroots organization, every questions we ask or motion we make will be voted on and must be responded to by the national organization.  Also, it is a great opportunity for continuing education and you might even have some fun while you are there.

Greg Froehle
Madison ASHRAE Chapter President 2017-2018

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