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December 2017  

President’s Message

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone made it through the Holiday.  I did a good bit of traveling and I am looking forward to hunkering down in the beginning of 2018.  These extreme cold temperature make it easy to stay inside too.  This just provides more time to focus on ASHRAE!

A big thanks to Dan Dettmers for his presentation on Commissioning Industrial Refrigeration Systems for our Holiday meeting.  Dan offers a unique perspective coupled with a lot of industry knowledge.  I know I have said it before, but the December ASHRAE meeting is always one of my favorites

The next big ASHRAE event is the 2018 Winter Conference Jan 20-24.  If you have never been, I highly recommend attending since it is so close. If you know you are attending, please reach out to other members and consider carpooling down.  There are also quite a few ASHRAE Social events.

If anyone is looking for a New Year’s resolution, I can always recommend volunteering for the Madison ASHRAE Chapter.  Personally I have gotten back way more than I have invested and find it is time well spent.  It is also easier to keep than other resolutions you might have already made. Feel free to email me with questions or to inquire about opportunities to

Happy Holidays

Greg Froehle

Madison ASHRAE Chapter President 2017-2018

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Meeting Announcement

January 08, 2018

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January 2018 Meeting
January 08, 2018
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
706 John Nolen Dr
Madison, WI 53713
Sheraton - Madison
CFD, Laboratories

$20.00 Member of Madison ASHRAE

$30.00 Guest (non Madison ASHRAE member)

$0.00 Only if you have already paid for the Cafeteria Plan

$0.00 Currently Enrolled Full-Time Students Only



REGISTRATION CLOSES AT NOON ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 5! Please sign up at your earliest convenience, it helps with dinner planning.

Help keep meeting costs down! If you sign up, ATTEND or email with your cancellation prior to January 5.  


Dinner will be a "Taste of Wisconsin" buffet style (vegetarian options will be clearly noted on the buffet table):

Mixed garden greens and assorted dressings
Rolls and sweet cream butter
Creamy pasta salad
Caprese chop salad
Battered cod, tartar sauce
Pork loin in apple bourbon glaze
Roast beef with a mushroom demi glaze
Green bean casserole
Buttered corn
Au gratin potatoes
Assorted pies and cakes    

There will also be an option for a Chef's Choice gluten-free plated dinner.


Technical Session - 5 pm (optional) - Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Built Environment by Kishor Khankari, Ph. D.

Dinner - 6:05 pm

Main Presentation - 7:00 pm - Airflow Management for Laboratory Facilities by Kishor Khankari, Ph. D.

Technical Session Highlights:

Dr. Kishor Khankari will cover Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for the Built Environment.

Air is the primary carrier of heat, moisture, and contaminants in and around built environments. Airflow patterns determine the distribution of temperature, contaminant level, and importantly air quality and thermal comfort of occupants. The HVAC design risk due to poor airflow management is often realized after commissioning and occupancy. Sometimes it is too late to mitigate the issues related to poor airflow management. This presentation will show how Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can help in identifying such risks at early stages in the design and help optimize the HVAC designs for effective and energy efficient performance. After providing a brief introduction to CFD, this presentation with the help of several case studies will show applications of CFD for a wide variety of scenarios involving displacement ventilation, active and passive chilled beams, airflow patterns in enclosed spaces, radiant heating and cooling, smoke propagation in atria, clean rooms, data centers, patient rooms, laboratories, plume dispersion from cooling towers, and several other similar applications to the built environment.

Main Presentation Highlights:

Dr. Kishor Khankari will cover Airflow Management for Laboratory Facilities. 

Air is the primary carrier of heat, moisture, and contaminants in laboratory facilities. The flow path of supply air plays an important role in determining the air velocities, air temperatures, concentration of contaminants, and path of contaminants in laboratories. Often high airflow rates or air change rates per hour (ACH) for laboratory spaces are specified to cover the risk of chemical exposure. Although high supply airflow rates can reduce the overall concentration of contaminants it may not ensure uniformity of concentrations at a low diluted level. Importantly, locations of high concentration, especially those in the breathing zone of occupants can pose potentially higher exposure risk. This presentation will focus on the importance of HVAC configuration on airflow distribution and flow path of contaminants in laboratories. In addition, this presentation will cover basics of air ventilation for laboratories and flow dynamics of fume hoods.



Presenter - ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer

Kishor Khankari, Ph. D

Fellow, ASHRAE

President and Owner - AnSight LLC

Dr. Kishor Khankari, Ph.D. is President and owner at AnSight LLC in Ann Arbor. He provides engineering solutions and insights through Physics based simulations and analyses. Kishor has several years of experience in providing optimized HVAC solutions to a wide variety of applications involving external wind engineering, plume dispersion, displacement ventilation, natural ventilation, radiant heating and cooling, and indoor air quality and thermal comfort optimization for office spaces, patient rooms, operating rooms, cleanrooms, justice facilities, data centers, and warehouses. Dr. Khankari has developed a patented technology of a wind band design of exhaust fan assembly systems. He has developed several easy-to-use analytical software tools which are regularly used by design engineers in a variety companies including those in HVAC industry, critical facilities, and automotive industries. 

A noted expert in his field, he has a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota and has been regularly published in several technical journals and trade magazines. Dr. Khankari has made more than 60 DL presentations worldwide on topics related to design and optimization of HVAC systems and also at various technical conferences and professional meetings. 

Dr. Kishor Khankari is a Fellow member of ASHRAE and a recipient of ASHRAE Distinguished and Exceptional Service Award. He is a past President of Detroit ASHRAE Chapter. He is a past Chair of ASHRAE Technical Committee TC9.11 Clean Spaces and Chair of Research Administration Committee (RAC) at national level. He is currently leading a new Multi Task Group (MTG) on Air Change Rates.


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Greetings Fellow Young Engineers in ASHRAE,

This month we have a Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Dr. Kishor Khankari paying a visit to the chapter. As an exclusive YEA event, there is going to be a meet and greet with Dr. Khankari at the Heartland Grill inside the Sheraton.  Join us starting at 4:00 pm for drinks before the technical session at 5:00 pm.

You could ask him how he came into the Building Sciences, or about the most interesting project he’s wrestled with in his tenure.  Dr. Khankari specialty is physics based simulations and analysis, and he has many years of experience as a practicing engineer. 

Come early for the drinks, and stay for an excellent speaker!


James Vander Zanden

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AHR Show and Meeting

2018 ASHRAE Winter Conference & AHR Expo

Chicago | January 20-24, 2018

ASHRAE Winter Conference & AHR Expo is where passionate people come together to share knowledge, learn new things and meet new people. This conference is a great way to immerse yourself in a growing community of incredibly smart, dedicated people.  The 2018 Winter Conference will be at the Palmer House in Chicago, January 20-24, and the AHR Expo is at McCormick Place, January 22-24.  The 2018 Expo will host more than 2,000 exhibitors and 65,000 industry professionals. When you register for the ASHRAE Conference, your ASHRAE badge will give you access to the AHR Expo.

Registration is now open.

If you experience issues with accessing the registration page, please log out of your ASHRAE account completely before trying again. 

Register see the video for more reasons to register.

If you need some help with your own or your managements support of attending, see the "justification" resources in the 

Justification Toolkit

Technical Program

The 2018 ASHRAE Winter Conference technical program includes tracks on what ASHRAE is most known for – standards, fundamentals and applications, systems and equipment – tracks on industry trends in resiliency and modeling throughout a building’s life cycle, and tracks addressing specific disciplines, such as transportation air conditioning, tall buildings and heat exchange equipment.

“Engineers and designers continue to advance designs to reduce the ecological impact of our built environment on the world around us. It has practically become second nature.” Michael Collarin, chair of the 2018 ASHRAE Winter Conference, said. “However, and seemingly more so in recent years, the industry has needed to take steps to mitigate the impact of the world around us on our built environment. This is especially the case in our transportation, government, and mission critical arenas, where the loss of critical infrastructure can have severe consequences, including the loss of life. The tracks and programs for the ASHRAE Winter Conference will focus on resources to design, build, control, commission and operate facilities and infrastructure that need to not only be efficient, but resilient.”

Conference Tracks include:

  • Systems and Equipment
  • Fundamentals and Applications
  • Standards, Guidelines and Codes
  • Earth, Wind & Fire
  • Tall Buildings
  • Modeling Throughout the Building Life Cycle
  • Heat Exchange Equipment

Also, a Refrigerant mini-track and a Residential mini-track will be presented at the 2018 AHR Expo, Jan. 22–24.

Personal Scheduler

Interactive Technical Program and Personal Scheduler

Technical Program

Program Book


Saturday, January 20 | 3:15 p.m.

Keynote Speaker, Debbie Sterling

Founder & CEO of GoldieBlox

Looking to make the trip a little easier? There are several organizations hosting buses.  One of which who has contacted the Madison Chapter of ASHRAE is Master's Building Solutions.  For more information on joining their bus, see the link to the flier.

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Past President

As with most ASHRAE members, I started by attending monthly meetings and golfing in the outings.  Associates, peers and competitors developed into friendly relationships, which became more and more valuable.  When I returned to Madison, an old work associate asked me to join the BOG, which is when I committed to becoming a full member and be more active.  The work was rewarding as I shared some experiences and skills, but more so, I received greater value from those who were also giving to the Madison Chapter of ASHRAE.  When CRC nominating came around following my chapter presidency in 2003-04, a regional volunteer asked if I would be interested in learning more about ASHRAE in a regional role, which lead to a RVC position in Membership Promotion.  This led to a larger circle of friends, professional associates and wider contact with peers.  Very rewarding.
The Director and Regional Chair (DRC) was not in my vision, however as the senior leaders of Region VI were moving on, new people were needed and when asked, I was honored with the thought the challenge would be rewarding.  It was even more powerful to serve on the Board of Directors, representing Region VI and learning even more about the society as well as making more friends in the great staff in Atlanta.  My three year term expired in 2016 and the circle of friends grew even greater, with the executive leaders of the society.  It has led me to joining on the Development Committee, which consists mostly of past Presidents of the Society.  A wonderful experience.
ASHRAE has been a professional and personal tie throughout my over three decades of serving this industry.  It is as rewarding as you put forth into it, which has reaped wonderful benefits for me.  It is invigorating when really great people will extend a friendly "how are you doing" handshake in the halls of an ASHRAE meeting or conference.  These are friendships which inspire a person, even though some of them have passed.  ASHRAE needs to fill these voids, which hopefully, some of you will see the value, make some new friends and receive the rewards ASHRAE can provide by volunteering your skills, talents and experiences. 

Mark Miller
President 2003-04
ASHRAE Member, Region VI Past DRC and MP RVC

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Meeting Minutes

Below are links to recent meeting minutes:

Board of Govenors:
     November 2017

General Meetings:
     December 2017

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Treasurer’s Report

Below are the Treasurer's Reports for the past month.

2017 November Treasurer's Report

Paul Schack
Madison Chapter Treasurer 

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The Madison Chapter of ASHRAE has remains consistent.  We finished the year at 270 members.  We enourage your to invite your associates and peers to join ASHRAE to share in their professional experience, skills and talents.  The programs continue to be valuable for the time involved.  There are many benefits to being a member of ASHRAE.  Take a look at this JOIN ASHRAE link to find out more about the reason's to be part of the over 57,000 world wide members.

Join us in welcoming Mr. Evan McSorley as a new member.

Members, check your BIO's and keep them up to date with your current address, phone, e-mail, employer or experiences. Your e-mail address with society, is what the Chapter uses contact you, so changes assure you are remain in contact. Update Your BIO HERE.

Area Assigned Members  266  DEC 2017-18


Current Membership (Dec)   263          
New Members   1 14        
New Students   1 2        
Cancellations   18 24        
Student Cancellations   6 6        
Grade Advancement   0  0        
Affiliate Transfer   1 5        

Contact the Madison Chapter Membership Chair, if you have questions or comments about ASHRAE Membership. 


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Meeting Schedule

Monday Topic Presenter Theme Technical Session
September 11th Controls in the Developing HVAC Industry

Eric Carlson
Ron Bristol

  DDC Analytics
October 9th  Vortex Optics World Headquarters  Matt Heil Student Night none
November 13th VFDs, Harmonics, Grounding Rings Ken Wegrzyn Membership Promotion Overspeeding Direct Drive Fans
December 11th  Commissioning for Industrial Refrigeration Systems: Welcome to the Wild West  Dan Dettmers Research Promotion Social
January 8th 2018 Airflow Management for Laboratory Facilities Kishor Khankari (DL)  Distinguished Lecturer Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics for Built Environment
February 12th Ethics Nicole Schrier  CTTC  none
March 12th Dehumidification  Tom Peterson  Student Activities Psychrometrics
April 9th  Holistic Overview of Technologies and Strategies to Achieve Deep Energy Reductions in Laboratories  Gordon Sharp (DL)  Distinguished Lecturer  
May 15th (Tuesday)  Transport Energy: Motors, Fans, and Pumps  Hank Jackson (DL)  Distinguished Lecturer  TBD
June 11th Golf Outing 53rd Annual  n/a    


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Society News Releases


  • ASHRAE Launches New Building Energy Quotient Portal
    December 13, 2017
    -- Program provides a quick energy analysis for building performance --
    ATLANTA (Dec. 13, 2017) – ASHRAE announced the recent launch of the Building Energy Quotient (Building EQ) Portal
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Where it all began... the original 1975 ASHRAE Standard 90 - Energy Conservation In New Building Design.


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