Keynote Speaker

Brendan Owens, LEED Fellow, P.E.

Chief of Engineering, U.S. Green Building Council

 Brendan oversees technical development and integration of rating systems at USGBC. In this role, Brendan collaborates with teams developing LEED, PEER, and other rating systems and led the team that established the over-arching system goals for LEED v4. He is currently working to integrate this thinking into the other programs USGBC collaborates with.

Brendan is a member of the integration committee working to align Standard 189.1, the IgCC and LEED. He is board member of the New Buildings Institute and is deputy director of the center for cycling technology at USGBC. Additionally, Brendan is a board member of the foundation USGBC is partnering with to build the William Jefferson Clinton Children’s Center in Port au Prince, Haiti.

 Brendan is a proud Boilermaker, a licensed Professional Engineer and was honored as a LEED Fellow in 2012. 



Jim Vallort, ASHRAE Society Officer

Exec. VP Environmental Systems Design, Chicago, Ill.

2015-16, Vice President ASHRAE

Mr. Vallort is member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee and serves as chair of Technology Council. Previously he served on the Board of Directors as a vice president and as Region VI director and regional chair.

Mr. Vallort served on Members, Technology, Publishing & Education and Regions Council. He is a member of the Finance Committee, Standard Project Committee 211P, Standard for Commercial Building Energy Audits, and Technical Committee (TC) 7.9, Building Commissioning. Jim was Chair of the Host Committee for the 1993 Winter Conference and vice chair of the 2003 and 1999 Winter Conference. He was President of the Illinois Chapter in 1999-2000. Jim is recipient of an Exceptional Service Award and a Distinguished Service Award.


Bjarne Olesen, ASHRAE Society Officer

Professor, Ph.D., Dr.h.c., R. Head of International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy, Technical University of Denmark, Department of Civil Engineering

Mr. Olesen leads the Laboratory of Heating and Air Conditioning, Technical University of Denmark. He is experienced as a research scientist at the Laboratory of Heating and Air Conditioning. On a part time basis he is a product manager at Brüel & Kjaer, a Senior Research Scientist in the College of Architecture at Virginia Tech., and Head of Research & Development at UPONOR-VELTA GmbH KG & Co., Norderstedt, Germany.

Full professor in Indoor Environment & Energy at the Technical University of Denmark and director of the International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy. Awarded the Ralph Nevins Award (1982), Distinguished Service Award (1997), Fellow Award (2001) and Exceptional Service Award (2006) from ASHRAE. Honorary member of AICARR (Italy), SHASE (Japan) and VDI-TGA (Germany)

Currently he is Treasurer and chair of Finance Committee of ASHRAE.

Bjarne is active in several ASHRAE-CEN-ISO-DIN standard committees regarding indoor environment and energy performance of buildings and HVAC systems. He has published more than 370 papers including more than 80 in peer reviewed journals.  


John Andrepont

President, The Cool Solutions Company

Mr Andrepont serves on the ASHRAE Technical Committee for district Energy, holding the Chair from 1999-2001, as well as the Therrmal Storage, Cogeneration Systems, Energy Resources, and Combustion Turbine Inlet Cooling technical committees.

John also serves on the International District Energy Association (IDEA) Board of Directors for five years, Executive committee for two, and as co-chair of three of the annual cooling conferences.

Mr. Andrepont serves with Turbine Inlet Cooling Association (TICA) as founder, Director, Vice President, Vice Chairman, Chairman, and chaired the Information Development Committee. 


Jeff Boldt


Principal and the Director Engineering at KJWW Engineering


Mr. Boldt is a voting member of ASHRAE 90.1. He is chair of working groups dealing with Hydronics, Elevators/escalators, and Duct System Leakage.

Mr. Boldt is also a voting member of ASHRAE 189.1 Standard for the Design of High Performance Green Buildings.

He is chair of 189.1 acoustics discussion group and a consultant to ASHRAE SSPC 62.1.

Mr. Boldt is author of the Advanced Energy Design Guide (AEDG) for Large Hospitals and of the AEDG for Small Healthcare Facilities and published articles in the ASHRAE Journal and in Engineered Systems. Jeff has received ASHRAE’s High-performance Building Design Professional accreditation. 


Fred Betz


Affiliated Engineers, Inc. Sustainable Consulting Team

Mr Betz’s expertise includes whole building energy and water modeling and the energy: Water Nexus. He is a Lead Sustainable Designer of numerous world class healthcare facilities in the U.S. and abroad.

Mr. Betz holds a PhD in Building Performance and Diagnostics from Carnegie Mellon University, where he is a frequent guest lecturer.

Fred is also chair of ASHRAE SPC 191 Standard for the Efficient Use of Water in Building, Site and Mechanical Systems and co-chair of ASHRAE T.C 2.8 Energy: Water Nexus subcommittee.


Kathryn L. Henshue

Associate General Counsel, Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

Mrs. Henshue has been in business, risk management and legal advice in the design and construction industry for over a decade. She was a trial attorney in the San Diego, California area with a practice concentration in construction litigation, counseling clients through both public and private disputes.

Mrs. Henshue’s experience includes working for an engineering and construction company in the renewable energy and environmental markets where she focused on various contracting and corporate compliance matters.

Kathryn is an admitted member of the Wisconsin and California Supreme Courts and is an active member of the American Bar Association, Association of Corporate Counsel, ACEC Legal Forum and AIA Large Firm Roundtable Legal Committee. She regularly presents seminars on a variety of risk management topics ranging from contracts, insurance, and professional practice challenges, as well as ethics for professional engineers.


Jeff Miller

General Manager, JMB & Associates, Menomonee Falls, WI

Mr. Miller has been involved in the variable frequency drive industry for 30 years. He has worked at Danfoss for 13 years and 15 years at ABB.

Mr. Miller started his career in engineering and has grown to the position of Vice President of Sales. Jeff enjoys working with the engineering community on the proper selection and application of VFD’s for the HVAC and water, wastewater industries.


Bill McQuade

Executive Director, Global Energy and Sustainability Policy

Chiller Solutions Line of Business Johnson Controls Corporation, Inc.

ASME, ASNE and ASHRAE member

Mr. McQuade has been working over 22 years for York International /Johnson Controls organizations in various technical and managerial positions ranging from Research Engineer to senior management related to the strategic application of advanced technology and R&D efforts.

Mr. McQuade graduate studies included fundamental research in the performance characteristics of HCFC and HFC alternatives to CFCs in air-conditioning equipment.

Bill is currently on ASHRAE Board of Directors and served on various councils and committees at the society level. He is a past chair of the Technical Activities Committee (TAC), the Technical Committee on Climate Change, and the Technical Committee on Centrifugal Chillers. Currently, he serves on the Society’s Publication and Education Council, the Professional Development Committee, the Historical Committee, and the Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee. He is an ASHRAE Fellow and received the Distinguished Service Award in 2012. 


John Murphy

Applications Engineer, LEED AP Trane & Ingersoll Rand

Mr. Murphy has been with Trane since 1993, where he has been involved in development, training, and support activities related to HVAC systems. His primary responsibility as applications engineer is to aid system design engineers and Trane sales personnel in the proper design and application of HVAC systems. His main areas of expertise include energy efficiency, dehumidification, dedicated outdoor-air systems, air-to-air energy recovery, psychrometry, and VAV systems.

Mr. Murphy is author of numerous Trane application manuals and Engineers Newsletters and is a frequent presenter on Trane’s Engineers Newsletter Live series of satellite broadcasts. He is also a LEED® Accredited Professional.

John is a member of ASHRAE and has authored several articles for the ASHRAE Journal. Past member of the society’s “Moisture Management in Buildings” technical committee and former chair of the “Mechanical Dehumidifiers” technical committee. Contributing author of the Advanced Energy Design Guide for K-12 Schools and the Advanced Energy Design Guide for Small Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, and a technical reviewer for the ASHRAE Guide for Buildings in Hot and Humid Climates. 


Richard Pearson

P.E., ASHRAE Fellow

Mr. Pearson is a regular presenter at professional development courses at the University of Wisconsin and elsewhere on subjects related to energy audits, HVAC design, energy management, system analysis, and renovation of buildings. He has received multiple ASHRAE Technology awards and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Engineering Distinguished Service Citation.

Mr. Pearson has been awarded the membership grade of Fellow for his pioneering work with building automation systems, and has received the Distinguished Service Award from ASHRAE.

Dick has been chairman of the Energy Management Committee, and has served on the Board of Directors, as well as serving on the Finance Council, Professional Development, TC 7.6, Environmental Health committees, and the Technology Council. He has spent most of his career in hands-on analysis and the creative renovation of HVAC systems.


Shanti Pless

Sr. Zero Energy Building Research Engineer, Whole Building

Advanced Commercial Buildings Research Group

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Mr. Pless joined NREL in 1999 in the Commercial Building Research Group with a focus on applied research and design processes for net-zero energy commercial buildings. He is a specialist in building systems integration engineering and research across all energy efficiency technologies, building scale energy storage, electric vehicle integration, with high levels of renewable energy integration.

Shanti is currently leading the development of the next generation of grid friendly net zero energy building concepts and managing the Whole Buildings Systems Integration section in the NREL Commercial Buildings Research Group.

His recent research has focused on developing an energy performance based design building process for net-zero energy buildings, including documenting best practices for controlling capital costs while reaching net-zero energy goals and is a recent recipient of a First Place 2013 ASRHAE Technology Award for his applied research in design and operation of NREL’s large scale net zero energy Research Support Facility. 


Kent Rawhouser

A&J Specialty Services, Inc. DeForest, Wisconsin

Mr. Rawhouser founded A&J Specialty Services, Inc. DKI in 1984, located in DeForest, Wisconsin. During the past 32 years Kent has led his company from a two person start up to an established expert in the disaster restoration industry; specializing in water, sewage, mold, fire, and smoke damage mitigation and restoration.

Kent is one of 130 people worldwide to have earned his designation as a Water Loss Specialist, (WLS) and one of 30 Certified Mold Professionals (CMP) through the Restoration Industry Association. He also currently holds the position of President of the Indoor Air Quality Association. 


Doug Reindl

Ph.D., P.E. - Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison & Director, Industrial Refrigeration Consortium

Mr. Reindl is ASHRAE Fellow active in both technical committees and standards committees. He has extensive expertise in refrigeration systems including refrigeration system safety.

Mr. Reindl is past chair and currently serves as a voting member of the Standard 15 committee. He is a mechanical engineer by education and a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Wisconsin.


Gordon Sharp

Chairman, Aircuity, Inc.

Mr. Gordon has over 25 years of experience as well as 25 patents in energy efficiency, IEQ, and laboratory controls.

As founder and CEO of Phoenix Controls, he led this laboratory airflow controls leader that was acquired by Honeywell in 1998. In 2000, Gordon founded Aircuity, a smart airside energy efficiency company.

Mr. Gordon is a MIT graduate, ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, and Executive Vice president and a Director of I2SL, the International Institute of Sustainable Laboratories.

Gordon is a voting member of ASHRAE Standard 170 on Healthcare Ventilation, ANSI/AIHA/ASSE Standard Z9.5 on Laboratory Ventilation and ASHRAE committees 9.10 on laboratories and 9.11 on clean spaces.


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