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February 13, 2017

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February 2017 Meeting
February 13, 2017
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Great Dane - Fitchburg
2980 Cahill Main
Fitchburg, WI 53713
Selecting VAV products for Acceptable Environments

$20.00 Member Registration

$30.00 Guest (non Madison ASHRAE member)

$0.00 Cafeteria Plan - Local Member

$0.00 Student Ticket

Technical Session - 5 pm (optional) - The Basics of Air Distribution  Daniel Int-Hout, III

Dinner - 6:15 pm

Main Presentation - 7:00 pm - Selecting VAV products for Acceptable Environments  Daniel Int-Hout, III


Technical Session Highlights:

The basic physics of air distribution must be fully understood before one can properly select components for a project. Air Distribution is not being taught at many Engineering schools, and young engineers are often unwilling to admit how little they actually know.  Senior engineers need to be brought up to speed on the latest understandings of air diffusion component selections.  This lecture will cover:

  • Understanding Terminology
  • ADPI (Air Diffusion Performance Index)
  • Proper Diffuser Selection
  • Common Product Groups
    • Well Mixed (Inductive) Air Distribution
    • Non Inductive Air Distribution


Main Presentation Highlights:

With the large number of VAV terminals available, including ECM motors for series and parallel boxes, we are getting a number of questions regarding the proper selection and interpretation of VAV terminal specifications. I will discuss:

  • Proper engineering specifications and designs for this broad product range,
  • Updates on the latest rules and knowledge regarding VAV box type, linings, accessories and air flow limitations.
  • The latest Industry understandings of the proper application of overhead heat to meet the Standard 62.1, Standard 55 and LEED V4
  • The results from the A&M Study on Series/Parallel and ECM/PSC motors.
  • The application of DOAS through dual duct. Dual inlet fan boxes and using a sensible cooling coil on a Series fan powered terminal.
  • The impact of the new rules on reporting Discharge sound power, which results in higher calculated sound power values in the critical low frequencies.



Daniel Int-Hout, III

Chief Engineer -  Krueger 

Mr. Dan Int-Hout, Chief Engineer, Krueger, is responsible for the presentation of technical data and advanced application engineering for the Grilles, Registers and Diffusers, as well as the VAV air terminals, produced by Krueger. Mr. Int-Hout originally joined Krueger in 1981, but has had several other jobs in the industry, in engineering, marketing and product research roles, with Owens Corning Fiberglas, Carrier, Titus and Environmental Technologies. Mr. Int-Hout has been in the air distribution research and design business since 1973, has a Masters degree in Business Management from Central Michigan University, and a Bachelors degree in Biology and Physics from Denison University. Mr. Int-Hout has written over thirty technical papers and articles on VAV system performance, acoustics, air diffusion, controls and occupant comfort. He was recently Chairman of both ASHRAE Technical and Standards Committees on Thermal Comfort, is a past Chairman of several other related ASHRAE Technical and Standards Committees, as well as ASHRAE Standards and Environmental Health Committees. He received the ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award in 1993. He is currently the Chairman of the ARI Committee on Applied Acoustics (885) and Chair of ISO 205 U.S. Panel on Thermal Comfort. He is presently a member of the ASHRAE Technical Activities Committee (TAC)

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