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Madison, Wisconsin Chapter 

May 2019  

President’s Message


Once again this month we are fortunate to receive presentations from an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, Tom Lawrence. Tom will be speaking on the evolution and future of high performance buildings and ASHRAE Standard 189.1. Anyone interested in sustainability should be sure to attend this meeting to hear the cutting-edge research and development on this topic, including work done by companies in our own Chapter!

We are gearing up for the Golf Outing on June 10. The Golf committee is doing some great work to take this year's outing to the next level. Get your foursomes together and come join us for a great time on the course! 

This May meeting will be our last Chapter meeting until next fall. Thanks to everyone in the membership for your attendance and support keeping our Chapter strong. Particular thanks to the 2018-2019 Committee Chairs, Board of Governors, and our Student Chapter Advisors at UW-Platteville and UW-Madison. Encourage your coworkers and students to sign up for next year and also receive the benefits you enjoy.

Have a great summer!

Cam Klein

Madison ASHRAE Chapter President 2018-2019
[email protected]

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Meeting Announcement

May 13th, 2019


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5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Vintage Brewing Co.
674 South Witney Way
Madison, WI 53711
Vintage Brewing
High Performance Building Design - What the Future Holds for the Direction for our Industry

$20.00 Member of Madison ASHRAE
$30.00 Guest (non Madison ASHRAE member)
$ 0.00 Currently Enrolled Full-Time Students Only

Technical Session - 5:00 pm - ASHRAE Standard 189.1 and the International Green Construction Code - Dr. Thomas Lawrence

A Holistic Overview of Technologies and Strategies to Achieve Deep Energy Reductions in Laboratories & Vivariums

ASHRAE, in conjunction with the U.S. Green Building Council and the Illumination Engineers Society, developed Standard 189.1 for the Design of High Performance Green Buildings with the initial release occurring in 2010.  The Standard provides the minimum requirements for a high-performance green building, and was developed with the intent to provide a balance of environmental factors involved with designing, building, and planning for the operation of buildings.  Since the initial release, the Standard has continually evolved as a result of changes in the industry and in relation to other Standards such as 90.1 This session provides a detailed summary of the key changes that are being incorporated in the release of the 2017 version of Standard 189.1 and how this Standard will relate to the International Green Construction Code with the 2018 code cycles revisions.

Main Presentation - 7:00 pm -High Performance Building Design - What the Future Holds for the Direction for our Industry  Dr. Thomas Lawrence

During the past two decades we have seen the growth and maturation of the green or high-performance building design concept.  The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program was one of the main pioneers in this and ASHRAE’s Standard 189.1 helped evolve this concept into mandatory building codes.  This session provides an overview of how building systems have evolved to meet the demands for green building design and where we are headed in the future in this arena.  Also covered are topics such as the evolution of building codes to include green or sustainability features, how a building designer can include these concepts in their designs, the impact of new technologies such as a smart grid and BIM on the design, and discussion on how this will impact the industry.


Dr. Thomas Lawrence - Ph.D, P.E., LEEP-AP
College of Engineering
University of Georgia
Athens, GA

Dr. Thomas Lawrence - Ph.D, P.E., LEEP-AP

Dr. Lawrence is the Mechanical Engineering program lead with the University of Georgia, and has 35 years of professional experience. He spent the first 18 years in industry and after going back for his PhD at Purdue he has been at UGA since January 2004. He is the past chair of ASHRAE Technical Committee 2.8 and is a member of the committee that wrote and maintains ASHRAE Standard 189.1 for High Performance Green Buildings. As an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, he gives seminars on green building design at venues around the world. Dr. Lawrence was named an ASHRAE Fellow in 2016 and is a Director-at-Large on the Board of Directors for ASHRAE.

Dr. Lawrence has a B.S. with Highest Distinction in Environmental Science from Purdue University (1978), a M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University (1982) and a second M.S. degree in Engineering Management from Washington University in 1989. He received a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University in the spring of 2004.

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Golf Outing

2019 Madison Chapter of ASHRAE Golf Outing
June 10th, 2019

Stoughton Country Club

Stoughton Country Club

ASHRAE's 2019 Annual Golf Outing is set with many new exciting changes, so it is time to get your foursome's together and register.

This year will be shotgun start with a scramble fomat of play.  The number of golfers will be limited, so don't miss your chance.

Golf, card, lunch and Dinner is included in the fees.  If you want to join us for dinner, you may do that as well.

The Schedule is:

  • 10:30    Registration Opens
  • 11:30    Instruction and Shot Gun Start - Scramble Format
  • 12:00    Box Lunch Served on the Course
  •   4:45    Cocktail Hour - Cash Bar
  •   5:45    White Linen Dinner
  •   6:15    Program, Awards, Raffle, Recognition
  •   7:30    Adjornment


Sponsorship available on the same page

Would you like to still support the Madison Chapter of ASHRAE, RP and Student Scholarships with sponsoring the outing, the follow the sign-up link and commit to the sponsorship levels of Diamond, Gold and Hole Sponsorships.  The benefits are included in the registrations.  

Contact [email protected].

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With spring now upon us, it’s time to start preparing ASHRAE Technology Award submissions.

Established in 1990–1991, the Technology Awards Program applies to new and retrofit applications.  The awards are open to (6) categories: Commercial buildings, Institutional Buildings, Health Care Facilities, Industrial Facilities or Processes, Public Assembly and Residential.

Award applications are judged with respect to energy efficiency; indoor air quality, innovation, operation and maintenance, cost effectiveness, environmental impact and quality of presentation.

The purpose of the ASHRAE Technology Awards is threefold:

  1. To recognize ASHRAE members who design and/or conceive innovative technological concepts that are proven through actual operating data.
  2. To communicate innovative systems design to other ASHRAE members.
  3. To highlight technological achievements of ASHRAE to others, including associated professionals and societies worldwide, as well as building and facility owners.

All current members of ASHRAE and its Associate Societies may submit entries. Entrants must have had a significant role in the design or development of the project.

Last year we sent one project to the regional level.  We hope to see some great submissions again this year, so think of a great project you've done recently! (Note that projects should have a full year of energy usage data by September of 2018.)

Submissions to the chapter are due FRIDAY MARCH 23th, 2018.  Winners will be announced for our chapter level at the April meeting.

Winners will be sent on to the regional level to compete against other chapters, as several Madison entries did last year.  Then the regional winners will be announced at the CRC Awards Banquet on Friday May 4th, 2019.

For additional information on ASHRAE Technology Awards, please see the bottom of this webpage:, or contact me.

So start looking through your project portfolio, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

James R. Vander Zanden, P.E.
CTTC Chair
[email protected]

Technical Committee Member Highlights

Our Madison chapter members are heavily involved in ASHRAE Technical Committees (TCs), with nearly 50 total people involved in some capacity. This month, we’d like to highlight a few of our member’s TC involvement, as well as other relevant ASHRAE activities.

Michael Meteyer

ERDMAN, HVAC Engineering Manager


Madison Chapter – former president

TC 9.6 Health Care Facilities – current member (former Chair). I have been a member from its inception approximately 15 years ago. Health Care Facilities was formerly a subsection of TC 9.8 Large Building Applications.

SSPC 170 Ventilation of Health Care Facilities - member

A major area of focus of mine over the past several years in my ASHRAE activities deals with thermal comfort in health care applications. Standard 170 has been debating within its committee to what extent its purpose and scope covers thermal comfort. I have been part of a group with members of both TC 9.6, SSPC 170, and SSPC 55 (Human Thermal Comfort) trying to address this subject. Out of that effort, Rodrigo Mora from SSPC 55 and I authored a paper published in ASHRAE Transactions in July 2018 titled: Using thermal Comfort Models in Health Care Settings: A Review. We are following that up with a future ASHRAE Journal article that has been reviewed and approved. This has also led to my involvement with TC 2.1 Physiology and Human Environment. I’m working towards adding a change proposal to an ongoing research project RP-1760 Update of Clothing Database for Existing and New Western Clothing Ensembles, Including Effect of Posture, Body and Air Movement. The change proposal will add several health care related clothing ensembles to their scope. One of the challenges of using current thermal comfort models such as those in Standard 55 is that representative clothing insulation characteristics are needed. There are several applications in health care such as in operating rooms and decontamination areas where the clothing ensembles are unique, and we lack the data related to them

Other S-170 involvement includes:

  • Overseeing a soon to be release addendum for public review for changes to chapter 5 and chapter 10 of standard 170 dealing with planning, start-up and construction requirements.
  • Working on 4 different change proposals dealing with comfort and the Design Temperature requirements in Table 7.1.

I’m also scheduled to be on 2 project monitoring subcommittees for the upcoming research projects:

  • 1833-TRP: Literature review for evidence of the basis for specified air change rates (ARC) for cleanrooms, laboratories, laboratory animal facilities, and health care facilities with medium to high ACR.  
  • 1816-TRP Reporting the Energy Use and Heat Gain from Imaging Equipment.

Dick Pearson

President, Pearson Engineering LLC


Fellow, ASHRAE

50-Year Distinguished Service Member

1975 – President, Dayton Ohio ASHRAE chapter

1978 – Chairman, Society Energy Management Committee:  During Dick’s chairmanship, at the request of ASHRAE president Sepsy, the Energy Management Committee developed the rules and guidelines for the Society Technology Awards, which continue to the present time.

1995 – Chairman, Society Environmental Health Committee:  During this time, Dick assembled a diverse eight-person team of ASHRAE members and other Legionella experts to develop the Society Legionellosis Position Paper and Statement.

2011 – Co-Author of the ASHRAE publication, “Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits”

1985-Present – Alternately voting member and corresponding member of TC 7.6, Co-Author of the ASHRAE 2015 Handbook, Chapter 36 Energy Use and Management, Energy Management Subcommittee chairman

1982-1985 – Served on Society Board of Directors as a Director-at-Large

2005-Present – Member SSPC 188, regarding Legionellosis

2005-2011 – Served as Distinguished Lecturer, offering various Energy Management presentations to ASHRAE chapters

2011-Present – Developed several Society ALI Energy Management presentations provided at Society Summer and Winter Meetings and online.  In conjunction with these presentations, Dick and two other members of TC 7.6 are developing Energy Management presentations to be provided to meetings of other organizations, including IFMA, BOMA, and APPA.  This is in conjunction with President Hayter’s thrust to inform a broader audience on the impact of ASHRAE energy and sustainable activities on the power generated and consumed by buildings in urban areas throughout the world.

Svein Morner

Principal, HGA Architects and Engineers


TC 6.7 Solar and Renewable Energies – Webmaster, Vice Chair and Voting Member

  • Considering including renewable requirements in 90.1

TC 2.8 Building Environmental Impact and Sustainability – Corresponding Member

TC 7.9 Building Commissioning – Corresponding Member

ASHRAE Solar PV & Thermal Systems Analysis and Design Course – Instructor

  • At ASHRAE conferences in Kansas City and Columbia, and webinar


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Research Promotion

The RP season is moving into the last season, so it is a time to look inward and consider if you could support the industry which has served you.  Many times the perspective is that the funds are provided by corporations and large donors, however it is not often the case and is not for ASHRAE's RP funding.  Below is a graph of last year's donations based on the averange number of donors per giving level.  Isn't it surprsing?

The Chapter Board of Directors have met their Full Circle, by donating at least a minimum of $100.  The high achieving chapters will realize average donations of over $50 per member. Have you donated?  Will you?

      To donate, follow this linkDONATE

      For information on RP, follow the ASHRAE link HERE.

Thank you to all the members who have already contributed!

 If you have questions about Research Promotion please do not hesitate to reach out directly me.

Thank you,

Alex Bakel
Research Promotion Chair

E: [email protected]
D: (608) 838-5114

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Region VI CRC, Hosted by the Wisconsin Chapter

The Wisconsin Chapter did a wonderful job providing host to the Region VI Regional Conference.  The coordination, hospitality, facilities and of course the speakers were wonderful  A great event, of effective business sessions, networking, learning and fun in Milwaukee.

Our Society President-Elect provided us with his first version of his Presidental Theme at the Presidential Lunch.  Daryle Boyce was also seen enjoying his visit at the Harley Davidson Museum along with great food, a great band and many supporters of ASHRAE

Thank you all for the work and enjoyable time in Milwaukee and the friends of Region VI.

Carol Mori
[email protected]

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Society Conference-Meeting

2019 annual Conference
We hope you plan to attend the 2019 Annual Conference in Kansas City, MO. We're excited to offer another top-notch technical program, new and exciting tours, and fun social events.
Check out the new technical program tracks for the Annual Conference in Kansas City:
  • Optimization in HVAC&R
  • Commissioning New & Existing Buildings
  • Occupant Health & Safety
  • Modeling Throughout the Building LifeCylce
  • Professional Development
  • Radiant Heating & Cooling 
The 7th Annual Research Summit track offers more sessions than ever covering the latest developments in ASHRAE sponsored research.
Hybrid Tours will take place for the first time ever in Kansas City. These tours offer general, site seeing experiences with a representative from the local ASHRAE Host Committee to provide technical, back-of-house information. Tours can be included with your conference registration.
Conference Keynote Speaker, Mike Massimino, Former NASA astronaut, Sr. Advisor for Space Programs for the Intrepid Museum & Author of Spaceman will share his experiences and personal stories of inspiration, teamwork, and leadership.
5 New ALI Courses are available and can be added to your conference registration. New courses includeGuideline 36: Best in Class HVAC Control Sequences, IgCC and ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Technical Provisions, and more.
See what's planned for 2019 and register by April 28 to take advantage of early bird rates.
Register Now
Justify My Attendance
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Meeting Minutes

Below are links to recent meeting minutes:

Board of Govenors:
     March 2019

General Meetings:
     April 2019
     March 2019


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Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer's Reports for the noted months.

December 2018

January 2019

February 2019

Jason Boatman
Madison Chapter Treasurer
[email protected] 

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The Madison Chapter of ASHRAE is rich with history and has many great things within its membership.  With a history of great programs and members to contribute, it is chapter with vitality.  Take an active involvement, meet new people and renew relationships with others.  Also, invite an associate to join ASHRAE and share in their professional experience, skills and talents.  If you are not sure, but are considering membership, take a look at the JOIN ASHRAE link.  With over 56,000 members worldwide there, there are benefits no matter where you go.

We would like to recoginize our new member, Chase Hendrix.

We will also be focusing on upgrading members from Associate grade to Member grade.  This is an opportunity to show ASHRAE and your peers your involvement and impact in the industry. It is a simple process and all it requires is updating your ASHRAE bio and submitting a request. More info will be discussed at the chapter meeting.

Here is a summary of the chapter membership numbers.

Area Assigned Members



2018-19 YTD


Current Membership (Feb)





New Members





New Students










Student Cancellations





Grade Advancement





Contact the Madison Chapter Membership Chair, [email protected] if you have questions or comments about ASHRAE Membership.

Please remember our past Madison Chapter of ASHRAE President ('64-65) and industry engineer, Bill Rewey.

VERONA—William Meidell Rewey, age 91, passed away after a brief illness at Meriter Hospital in Madison surrounded by his family on Feb. 11, 2019. Bill was born on Nov. 23, 1927, in Marshfield, to his parents, Oliver and Hildur (Meidell) Rewey, the oldest of three sons. 

Bill’s love of aviation was apparent early on. He was building model planes starting at age 6, and started flight training in a Piper Cub at the local Marshfield airport at age 18. He moved to Madison that summer and enlisted in a U.S. Navy program that provided university credit and flight instruction. Bill was later assigned to the Naval Air Stations at Pensacola, where he flew North American SNJs; Jacksonville, where he earned his wings in the Vought F-4U Corsairs; and Norfolk, where he flew carrier-based Grumman TBM Avengers in an antisubmarine squadron.

A busy career as mechanical engineer, father to three boys, a bout with polio, charter member of the Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ, and building two of their homes, kept Bill out of aviation until the 1960’s, when the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and a set of home built aircraft plans, originally published in 1932, brought him back. 

A Celebration of a Life Well Lived will be held at SUGAR RIDGE AIRPORT, 7550 Sugar Ridge, Verona, at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 18, 2019, with a ceremony at 2 p.m. to follow. Memorials may be made to the EAA Aviation Foundation.

His full obituary can be found HERE.

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Meeting Schedule

Monday Topic Presenter Theme Technical Session
Sep 10th  Smart Building HVAC Systems 

 Raj Gopa, Ph.D.

  Demand Response Strategies
Oct 8th EPIC Geothermal Application Derek Schnabel   Student Night Introduction to Geothermal
Nov 12th  Coil Selections  Gene Nelson Membership  Valve Selections
Dec 10th Psychometrics of Drying Hops and Hemp   Daniel Dettmers  Research Promotion  
Jan 9th 2019  Targeting Success - Improve Employee Satisfaction & Profit

 Julia Keen

    Design Guidelines for Efficient and Effective Use of Steam
Feb 11th  Wisconsin Code Update Randy Dahmen CTTC   
Mar 11th Indoor Air Quality During Construction Sharon J. Bessa Student  Cooling in Ice Cream Industry
Apr 8th Energy Reduction in Labs Gordon Sharp (DL)    
May 13th High Performance Building Design - What the Future Holds  Tom Lawrence (DL)     189.1 ASHRAE
Jun 10th Golf Outing 54th Annual  n/a    


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Society News Releases

Recent ASHRAE Press Releases


ASHRAE Learning Institute Announces HVAC Design Training Schedule
ATLANTA (April 29, 2019) – ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) has released its remaining 2019 schedule of HVAC Design and Operations training offerings.

ASHRAE Announces Technical Program for Annual Conference, June 22–26
ATLANTA (April 25, 2019) – The 2019 ASHRAE Annual Conference technical program will provide practitioners with topical, in-depth educational tracks to optimize the design and performance of buildings.

ASHRAE Publishes New Guideline on Energy Efficiency for Historic Buildings
ATLANTA (April 18, 2019) – ASHRAE published a new guideline for increasing energy efficiency in historic buildings while minimizing ...

ASHRAE and IIR Establish New Definitions of Five Refrigeration Keywords
ATLANTA (Apr. 11, 2019) – ASHRAE and the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) announced the establishment of new definitions for five refrigeration keywords.

ASHRAE to Continue Development of Building Water Management Standard
ATLANTA (April 2, 2019) – ASHRAE announced its intent to continue development of a standard to establish safe management ...

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Website / Newsletter

Our Society President, Sheila Hayter Thanks You for all you do for ASHRAE.  April, was Volunteer month, so multiple events occured during the month, so if you missed them, take a look of some the messages share last month.

Appreciate Month - Facebook

Hayter Thank You Video - YouTube

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