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Madison, Wisconsin Chapter 

October 2019  

President’s Message

Madison Chapter Members,

Thank you Jeff Boldt for the great techical and Chapter presentations in September.  The acoustical content provided was engaging as well as the experience your brought forward insightful.

This month Jason Boatman has arranged for Ron Wroblewski to speak to us with regards to Fane Energy Index (FEI).  Ron is well versed as he is a highly rated professional trainer including the US DOE and the United Nations Industrial Development organization (UNIDO). Ron has designed and presented seminars on a national and international basis, including: Applying VFDs in Fan and Pump Systems; Optimizing Fan, Pump and Blower Systems; Fan Systems Optimization Expert level training; and Motor Systems Management. We are proud to have him in our Chapter, available to be a technical resource.   

Join us for our October meeting.  We look forward to seeing you at Vintage Brewery.

Paul Schack

Madison ASHRAE Chapter President 2019-2020
[email protected]

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Meeting Announcement

October 14th, 2019


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5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Vintage Brewing
674 S Whitney Way
Madison, WI 53711
Fan Engineering and Efficiency

$20.00 Member of Madison ASHRAE
$30.00 Guest (non Madison ASHRAE member)
$ 0.00 Currently Enrolled Full-Time Students Only


Technical Session - 5 pm (optional) - Fan application engineering - system curves, fan curves, fan efficiency and fan selection.

Dinner - 6:15 pm

Main Presentation - 7:00 pm - The Fan Energy Index (FEI) - A new metric for evaluating fan performances.

Technical Session Highlights:

The tech session will (re-)familiarize you with the fan application engineering concepts needed to better understand the FEI topics we'll cover after dinner.

Main Presentation Highlights:

FEI is now replacing the older Fan Efficiency Grade (FEG) rating system.  Whereas FEG was based on the peak efficiency that a particular fan model could achieve, the Fan Energy Index evaluates the ability of the fan to serve a particular flow and pressure requirement, known as the duty point.  FEI is scheduled to replace FEG in ASHRAE 90.1 and many building code authorities are considering or are already implementing the change to FEI

Presented by:

Ron Wroblewski, PE, is the President of Productive Energy Solutions, LLC, in Madison, Wisconsin. His consulting and training business helps industrial plants and commercial facilities increase productivity and profitability by making more effective use of their fan, pump, and blower systems.

Ron has over thirty-five years of experience designing, analyzing, specifying, and optimizing industrial and commercial energy systems, including fan, pump, blower, HVAC, and lighting systems.

A highly rated professional trainer, Ron is senior industrial fan systems optimization trainer for the US DOE and the United Nations Industrial Development organization (UNIDO). As part of his work for the DOE and UNIDO, Ron has designed and presented seminars on a national and international basis, including: Applying VFDs in Fan and Pump Systems; Optimizing Fan, Pump and Blower Systems; Fan Systems Optimization Expert level training; and Motor Systems Management.

Ron is a licensed Professional Engineer in Wisconsin.   He is a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and the International Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).   He earned his B.S.M.E. at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Mexico. 


Dinner will be Taco Bar Buffet


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Technical Committee Member Highlights

Our Madison chapter members are heavily involved in ASHRAE Technical Committees (TCs), with nearly 50 total people involved in some capacity. This month, we’d like to highlight a few of our member’s TC involvement, as well as other relevant ASHRAE activities.

Joy Altwies, PhD, PE

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Program Directory of Engineering Professional Development


TC2.8 Building Environmental Impacts and Sustainability – Vice Chair and Research Subcommittee Chair


Michael Amstadt

Mead & Hunt, Senior Commissioning Provider


TC 9.11 Cleanrooms – Chairperson

Recently published cleanroom design guide and completing research on air change rates.

SSPC 300 – Executive Committee Member

Oversight of all ASHRAE commissioning guidelines and standards.

Guideline 0 – Chairperson

Just published 2019 version of the guideline, looking at incorporating ongoing commissioning more into the commissioning process.

Certified BCxP (Building Commissioning Professional)

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Research Promotion

ASHRAE Research does a lot for your industry.  If you are looking for reason's to support ASHRAE RP Campaign, consider these facts.

EXPERTISE: ASHRAE’s areas of expertise include energy efficiency, indoor air quality, codes and standards, and guidance for a safe environment during extraordinary incidents.

STANDARDS: ASHRAE – with 123 standards and guidelines that establish recommended design and operation practice – is one of only five standards-developing organizations in the U.S. that can self-certify that its standards have followed American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) standards development procedures.

RESEARCH: ASHRAE’s research program, established in 1912, supports 140 research projects with a combined value of more than $15 million. Research focus includes energy and resource efficiency, indoor environmental quality, design and operation and management tools, alternative technologies and materials and equipment. Through scholarships, grants and awards, the Society supports engineering education for undergraduate students and research projects for graduate engineering students and new post-doctoral scholars.

TECHNICAL OVERSIGHT: ASHRAE has some 100 technical committees that drive the ASHRAE research program, develop standards, sponsor the technical program at ASHRAE meetings, develop technical articles, special publications and educational
courses and write the ASHRAE Handbook.

      Support ASHRAE RP by donatingDONATE

      For information on RP, follow the ASHRAE link HERE.

Thank you to all the members who have already contributed!

If you have questions about Research Promotion please do not hesitate to reach out directly me.

Thank you,

Research Promotion Chair
[email protected]

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The Madison Chapter of ASHRAE is rich with history and has many great things within its membership.  With a history of great programs and members to contribute, it is chapter with vitality.  Take an active involvement, meet new people and renew relationships with others.  Also, invite an associate to join ASHRAE and share in their professional experience, skills and talents.  If you are not sure, but are considering membership, take a look at the JOIN ASHRAE link.  With over 56,000 members worldwide there, there are benefits no matter where you go.

We would like to recoginize our new member, Wayne Prior.

Here is a summary of the chapter membership numbers.

Area Assigned Members



2019-20 YTD


Current Membership (Feb)





New Members





New Students










Student Cancellations





Grade Advancement





Contact the Madison Chapter Membership Chair, [email protected] if you have questions or comments about ASHRAE Membership.

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Meeting Schedule

Monday Topic Presenter Theme Technical Session
Sep 9th  Building Acoustics – Architectural & HVAC 

Jeff Boldt

  Acoustic & Vibration Isolation Fundamentals
Oct 14th Fan Energy Index (FEI) Ron Wroblewski   Student Night Fan Engineering
Nov 11th  Ethics DL Devin  Abellon Membership  
Dec 9th     Research Promotion  
Jan 13th 2020  


Feb 10th     CTTC   
Mar 9th Cold Climates DL Erich Binder Student  
Apr 13th        
May 11th         
Jun 9th Golf Outing 55th Annual  n/a    


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Society News Releases

Recent ASHRAE Press Releases

Registration Now Open for 2020 ASHRAE Winter Conference
ATLANTA (August 1, 2019) – Registration is open for the 2020 ASHRAE Winter Conference, to be held Feb. 1-5

For more pressroom information follow this link.

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