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November 2019  

President’s Message


Thanks to everyone who attended last month’s chapter meeting with Ron Wroblewski presenting on a fantastic overview of the Fan Energy Index summary and serving as a nice refresher for understanding fan fundamentals and fan laws. Thank you Ron for presenting!

We are very blessed this month to have our allocated Distinguished Lecturer Devin Abellon, P.E. visit us to speak on Embedded Tube Radiant Systems to maximize LEED points during our 5pm technical presentation, followed by a presentation of ethics “The (un) Ethical Engineer” during our main presentation. Please join me in welcoming Devin to Madison, and come load up on those PDH credits and socializing with our local members. A big thank-you goes out to Joe Zhou for his coordination efforts in getting Devin scheduled and set up to visit us here in Madison.

Look forward to seeing you all at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Nov 11 th!

Paul Schack

Madison ASHRAE Chapter President 2019-2020
[email protected]

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Meeting Announcement

November 11th, 2019


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5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Crowne Plaza Hotel
4402 E Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53704

$20.00 Member of Madison ASHRAE
$30.00 Guest (non Madison ASHRAE member)
$ 0.00 Currently Enrolled Full-Time Students Only


Technical Session - 5 pm (optional) - Embedded Tube Radiant Systems to Maximize LEED Points

Dinner - 6:15 pm

Main Presentation - 7:00 pm - The (un) Ethical Engineer: A Study in Principle and Practice

Technical Session Highlights:

As more and more jurisdictions and building owners are requiring higher levels of LEED certification for their projects, design teams are looking beyond traditional HVAC solutions to provide the energy efficiency needed to maximize LEED points while maintaining occupant comfort and safety.  In-slab radiant heating systems have enjoyed popularity both here in the United States and abroad for years.  Now, with the availability of improved control systems and better understanding within the design and construction community, the same concept can be applied to radiant cooling as an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution.  This program will cover the following topics:

  • Radiant Cooling Heat Transfer Fundamentals
  • Radiant Cooling Performance/Capacity
  • Typical Construction Methods
  • Case Studies

Attendees will gain an understanding of how in-slab radiant cooling systems can be used as part of an energy-efficient design solution to maximize Energy and Atmosphere credits for LEED certification, and see examples of how this has been accomplished on projects both here in the United States and abroad

Main Presentation Highlights:

The integrity of the HVAC industry is dependent on sound technical design, reliable products, skilled construction practice and consistent maintenance and operation. But another critical element that is sometimes overlooked is professional ethics. As members within the HVAC industry engineers, contractors, architects, manufacturers, vendors and building owners are expected to exhibit the highest standard of honesty and integrity to safeguard the confidence that the public has in us.  In this very competitive climate, however, it is sometimes tempting to "bend the rules" to some degree in order to gain an advantage over competition or to simply get the job done on time. But how much is too much? Is there a clearly defined line between ethical practice and "just the way things are done?"

About the Speaker:

ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Devin Abellon, P.E.

Devin Abellon, P.E. is the Business Development Manager for Engineering Services at Uponor North America. He has 25 years of experience in the HVAC and plumbing industries with a focus on high-performance and sustainable building design and construction. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara and is a registered professional engineer in California and Arizona. He is an active member of both ASPE and ASHRAE, and serves as the ASHRAE Region X Nominating Member, Programs Subcommittee Chair for ASHRAE TC 6.5 and as an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer. He is also a member of ASHRAE’s Conferences and Expositions Committee.


Dinner will be plated, with the following options selectable at registration:

  • Chicken Prosciutto
  • Beef and Bleu Pasta
  • Pasta Primavera


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Technical Committee Member Highlights

Our Madison chapter members are heavily involved in ASHRAE Technical Committees (TCs), with nearly 50 total people involved in some capacity. This month, we’d like to highlight a few of our member’s TC involvement, as well as other relevant ASHRAE activities.

Joy Altwies, PhD, PE

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Program Directory of Engineering Professional Development


TC2.8 Building Environmental Impacts and Sustainability – Vice Chair and Research Subcommittee Chair


Michael Amstadt

Mead & Hunt, Senior Commissioning Provider


TC 9.11 Cleanrooms – Chairperson

Recently published cleanroom design guide and completing research on air change rates.

SSPC 300 – Executive Committee Member

Oversight of all ASHRAE commissioning guidelines and standards.

Guideline 0 – Chairperson

Just published 2019 version of the guideline, looking at incorporating ongoing commissioning more into the commissioning process.

Certified BCxP (Building Commissioning Professional)

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Research Promotion

What is the ASHRAE Research Program?

The program that governors more than 80 investigative projects taking place around the world and funded by ASHRAE. It is supported by more than 100 member-led Technical Committees (TCs), each with their own specialty and sub-specialty.

How are the projects selected?
TC identifies a need – such as missing information, new ideas or processes to be examined, out-dated information – sets a goal, and outlines a project to meet that need and goal. the Research Administration Committee (RAC) approves the proposed project. It then goes out to ‘bid’, ensuring that ASHRAE’s financial resources are spent wisely and the final product will meet all stated goals.

How much is spent on Research?
With more than 80 projects taking place at any one time, the average Research Budget typically exceeds $17 million, each project costing an average of $250,000 each. In reality, there is a wide range of costs for projects. Grants-in-Aid – projects being conducted by Graduate level students – have a cost of $10,000. There are also multiple research projects that – over the 3-5 year life of the project – cost over $1 million.

Where can I find specific information about a project?
Check out . You can also ask the RP Staff, they’ll be happy to help answer your questions or direct you to another staff member who specializes in that area.

If you need further information please contact [email protected] or RP Staff – [email protected] - they’ll be happy to help answer your questions or direct you to another staff member who specializes in that area.

      Support ASHRAE RP by donatingDONATE

      For information on RP, follow the ASHRAE link HERE.

Thank you to all the members who have already contributed!

If you have questions about Research Promotion please drop an e-mail.

Thank you,

Research Promotion Chair
[email protected]

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Government Affairs Committee

Government Affairs Committee

The Madison Chapter successfully completed its first involvement in a "Day On The Hill" this past March 13th, meeting with Wisconsin state congressional members and leaders, to introduce ASHRAE as a local expert in topics such as:

  • Building Performance Optimization
  • Public Safety
  • Indoor Environmental Quality 
  • STEM/Workforce Development

The Madison Chapter was joined by members of the Northeast Wisconsin and La Crosse Area chapters to successful meet with over 22 different congressional offices.   For the 2019-2020 year, we are hoping to revisit and meet additional members of our government!   Another Day on the Hill will be scheduled for the spring, along with additional initiatives to discuss with more local government entities.  If interested in participating or learning more, please reach out to GAC Chair Jason Boatman.

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Student Activities

We had a fairly successful Student Night for our October 14th meeting. We had several UW-Madison students attend the meeting. Unfortunately, I failed to spread the word about the meeting to our UW-Platteville students. We enjoyed having the students and learning about the fan energy index (FEI).

On October 30th, I joined a group of UW-Madison students on a tour through the West Campus Cogeneration facility – MG&E setup by Student Chapter president, Logan Kossel. I am currently working on setting up another tour of through one of two UW-Madison campus buildings that are nearing completion. This tour will be for the University of Wisconsin students along with our chapter YEA group. Last year, we were able to setup a successful Hamel Music Center tour with this group. Students and YEA members keep an eye out for information hopefully coming out soon.

We encourage our chapter members to get involved in your local school systems participating in or initiating activities such as classroom or campus visits and science or career fairs.  Whether it is for your son or daughter’s class or for your local school please take advantage of any opportunity to get into schools (K thru 12, college, or university) for classroom visits.  Our ASHRAE chapter receives recognition for any of these visits through President’s Award of Excellence (POAE) points.  If you have or will be participating in a school visit please send me (Jim Kraus) an email ([email protected]) indicating Who, What, When, and Where.

Do you have old ASHRAE handbooks sitting on your shelf?  We look for your old ASHRAE handbooks to pass on to our student members.  We distribute the donated books to the students when they attend the monthly ASHRAE meetings, ideally on student night.  Please bring them to a meeting or give me a call (Jim Kraus @ 263-3029) and we can make arrangements for drop off or pick up.  Your donation is greatly appreciated.

I am looking forward to another great year as the Student Activities Chair.

Jim Kraus
Student Activities Chair
[email protected]

Let's Give Every Child An Engineering Experience.

DiscoverE issued the first of its kind nationwide call asking engineers to visit with students in K-12 classrooms 30 years ago. 

It’s working ….

... 84% of educators say a visit from an engineer or technical professional helps students learn about engineering careers.

But more needs to be done …

... 74% also tell us that their students do not have many opportunities to meet an engineer or technical professional.

Let’s change that this Engineers Week and give every child an engineering experience. 

Download The Ultimate How to Guide:

  Volunteer and Technical Professional Version

→ Teacher and Informal Educator Version

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Meeting Minutes

Recent Meeting Minutes:


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The Madison Chapter of ASHRAE is rich with history and has many great things within its membership.  With a history of great programs and members to contribute, it is chapter with vitality.  Take an active involvement, meet new people and renew relationships with others.  Also, invite an associate to join ASHRAE and share in their professional experience, skills and talents.  If you are not sure, but are considering membership, take a look at the JOIN ASHRAE link.  With over 56,000 members worldwide there, there are benefits no matter where you go.

We would like to recoginize our new member, Cory Cook.

Here is a summary of the chapter membership numbers.

Area Assigned Members



2019-20 YTD


Current Membership (Feb)





New Members





New Students










Student Cancellations





Grade Advancement





Contact the Madison Chapter Membership Chair, [email protected] if you have questions or comments about ASHRAE Membership.

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Treasurer’s Report

Recent Treasurer's Reports:

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Meeting Schedule

Monday Topic Presenter Theme Technical Session
Sep 9th  Building Acoustics – Architectural & HVAC 

Jeff Boldt

  Acoustic & Vibration Isolation Fundamentals
Oct 14th Fan Energy Index (FEI) Ron Wroblewski   Student Night Fan Engineering
Nov 11th  Ethics DL Devin  Abellon Membership  
Dec 9th     Research Promotion  
Jan 13th 2020  


Feb 10th     CTTC   
Mar 9th Cold Climates DL Erich Binder Student  
Apr 13th        
May 11th         
Jun 9th Golf Outing 55th Annual  n/a    


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Society News Releases

Recent ASHRAE Press Releases

ASHRAE Recognizes 2019 LowDown Showdown Modeling Challenge Teams
ATLANTA (October 9, 2019) – ASHRAE recognized the 2019 LowDown Showdown modeling competition teams.

ASHRAE Learning Institute Offers Training in Europe
ATLANTA (October 8, 2019) –ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) has released its schedule of instructor-led training in Europe, including its HVAC Design Level I and Level II courses.

ASHRAE Training Scheduled in Middle East and North Africa
ATLANTA (September 12, 2019) –ASHRAE has expanded its regionally customized training in the Middle East and North Africa.

For more pressroom information follow this link.

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Website / Newsletter

Where did Central Heating even originate from?

Everyone knows that HVAC systems are an integral part of the home. But did you know that they also have a really interesting history?

Have you ever wondered...

  • Where did Central Heating even originate from?
  • Why was A/C technology invented?
  • Where does the term "Summer Blockbuster" come from? 

Discover the answers to these questions, and more, by checking out our video on the most interesting facts about the history of HVAC. 



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