Proper Control Valve Selection & Advanced Coil Selection at Low Flow Conditions 



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November 12th, 2018






The days continue to get shorter and the temperatures colder as we transition to winter. Enjoy the fall colors and pleasant temperatures before they fade away!

This month's chapter theme is Membership Promotion. There is always a lot of emphasis on building new members. However, our Membership Promotion committee is too vigilant to let you and your fellows fall to the wayside! If you have a coworker, friend, or client who has fallen off the bandwagon, encourage them to come along with you and get re-engaged. Doug Showers and Gene Nelson will be presenting an interesting discussion on the proper selection of control valves and cooling coils. They will challenge you to revisit your fundamentals and assumptions when selecting cooling components.

Are you a political junkie? Don't forget to vote on November 6th! There is also an opening for the Government Advocacy Committee Chair with your name on it. You will be hobnobbing with politicos in the Capitol in no time. Let a BOG member know if you are interested.

Cam Klein

Madison ASHRAE Chapter President 2018-2019

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