Historical Committee

The Madison Chapter Historical Committee welcomes articles about a system, person, event or a company in our chapter; or an interview of a prominent chapter member. Systems you designed that have historical value (first of their kind or unique systems) also qualify. Articles do not need to have pictures or be interactive. 

Please enjoy the company histories below and send additional histories or interviews to the historical committee, at [email protected].

Company Histories:

Affiliated Engineers, Inc. (AEI) 

Angus-Young Associates, Inc

Capitol Mechanical

Carnes Company  

General Heating and Air Conditioning

Marshall Erdman

RenewAire (by Douglas Steege)

Sporlan Valve Company (provided by ASHRAE St. Louis Chapter)

Strand Associates




ASHRAE's Technology Council has begun producing a quarterly newsletter that is compiled from the committee's that report to it. The goal is to make the information available and open to all members, thus the name, Member's First.  

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