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Julia Keen, Society Vice President and Distinguished Lecturer


Holiday Inn & Suites - Madison West

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 Holiday Inn & Suites - Madison West

January 9th, 2019






Happy New Year!

We are moving smoothly into 2019 with a two-pronged meeting next Wednesday. We will start with an optional 4 PM session, in which we are fortunate to have ASHRAE Society Vice President and Distinguished Lecturer Julia Keen. She will be available to discuss the challenges associated with maintaining productivity and profit for businesses. She can also offer unique insights based on her perspectives as a successful woman in the industry, as a consultant, in academia, and as a national level officer in ASHRAE. We will then give Julia a break while Tim Parbs presents an introductory technical session on steam piping. After dinner Julia will present on opportunities to improve employee satisfaction and company profit.

Annual CTTC award nominations are due soon. Reach out to Committee Chair James VanderZanden at for details.

Our Region is putting together a Government Outreach Day this spring, in which members will have the opportunity to meet at the State Capitol in Madison and meet their legislators. Let me know if you are interested in further details.

Cam Klein

Madison ASHRAE Chapter President 2018-2019

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